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A brilliant telco sought to offer excellent customer service, and as part of this philosophy, they put a high value on availability, particularly during busy intervals. They partnered with Transcom with a requirement to deliver 100% of the required hours in 80% of the 30-minute intervals throughout the month.

The challenge

As many telecommunication companies do, the client experienced the typical “M” curve call distribution throughout the day, with a peak in the morning and again in the afternoon.


Transcom’s solution

Transcom developed a four-step plan to tackle the issue.

Step 1: Heavily focused on real-time management

Step 2: Reacting to developments in real-time

Step 3: Planning offline activities

Step 4: Ability to send staff home


The outcome

The Transcom team consistently delivered a schedule adherence of 80% or better. We have been working with this client for nearly 20 years, proving the client’s satisfaction with the service and being a reliable strategic partner.

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